Herbietown - Sexy Time in Jack's Book?

Sexy Time in Jack's Book?

Every time I read Bebe Goes Shopping to Jack, I find myself experiencing a slight attraction to Mama, a key character in the book.

The Amazon review of this bilingual (children’s) story describes it this way: “In this warm and engaging picture book, a routine visit to the grocery store becomes an exciting outing.”

I’ll say.

For the record, this is the first time I’ve ever been attracted to a cartoon character, so don’t try to write this off as some perverted preamble to a mid-life crisis. I’ve discussed this with Greta and she agrees that there is something sexual going on here (she had some other opinions, but I don’t think they’re relevant).

Here’s the cover, with a harmless picture of the protagonist in question. A bit done-up for the grocery store, but homely.

Bebe goes shopping

On Page 6, the author describes her dress as a “vestido bonito.” This phrase is really fun to say – it just rolls off the tongue – and it’s hard not to check out her figure while reading it aloud.

Vestido bonito

So far, other than the sexy accent I choose when reading “vestido bonito,” it’s been pretty G-rated. Turn the page. Mama bends over to a “near-the-floor shelf.” WTF? Do I really need to see that when I’m trying to read to my kid?

Bend down

A couple pages later you get chocolate covered pickles. Everyone knows that when a pickle shows up in a story, it can only mean one thing.


Finally, the most subtle detail. I didn’t notice this until maybe the 26th reading. A “nosy senora” comes up to Bebe after he ripped Mama’s shopping list. Here’s the picture. Notice anything strange?

Cootchie coo

Here’s a close up. The very first item on Mama’s shopping list is “men.” It’s quite clear. Both edges of the list are sharp, which means it’s not a cut-off word. She’s gone to the supermercado to meet a man. It’s no accident that she’s wearing a vestido bonito and bending down to the floor to show off her culo.


I am outraged. And I can’t wait to read Bebe Goes to the Beach.