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An Emotional Read

An Emotional Read by christopherh01
An Emotional Read, a photo by christopherh01 on Flickr.

Touching issue of NY mag. Couldn’t stop reading, even though (perhaps because it) brought up some raw feelings.

Best observations:

– banana photo on p 126, by Aristide Economipoulos

– story by Philip Connors, a copywriter for WSJ who rushed to the newsroom only to find it abandoned p 131

– The Yankees, baseball as therapy p135

– the last survivor p116

– the face of Satan explained p111

– The SNL story p90

– the kids p84 – this will make you cry

– jumpers p82

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    I picked this up in Duane Reade and opened to the page about the Jumpers.  After reading it, I felt sick and couldn’t read any more so I put it down and walked out.  Is it unfair of me not to force myself to read the sad and depressing tributes?  I feel as though I “should” and that it’s in some way disrespectful to turn away when it’s too upsetting.  

    Posted 11 Sep 2011 at
  2. Christopher Herbert wrote:

    I know exactly what you mean

    Posted 11 Sep 2011 at

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