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I Hate Christmas Music


It’s supposed to be this cheery, happy thing but it is really challenging for me to summon that lighthearted bubblyness that everyone seems to want from me. It just seems so forced and fake. Most of the singers sound like Nina from Corporate Accounts Payable.

I’ve always been like this.

I have memories of hanging ornaments on the tree when I was a kid. If I wasn’t “into it,” my mom and sisters would give me a hard time. I found it so hard to be “into it.”

Is it a gender thing? Maybe the women in my family set the bar of holiday decorating cheer a little too high? How does a man get “into” the Christmas season?

I can hear their response: “No, Christopher, you’re just a JERK!”

I would rather watch an action movie and drink a beer than skip around the house in slippers. Deep inside, I’m pretty sure it’s just laziness and selfishness. Maybe those are male qualities.

It’s not like I have all these terrible memories of childhood. Its just that I seem to have a harder time than others getting into it.

One year my Mom didn’t want to get a real tree, so my sister and I stole one from a parking lot on Christmas Eve. That was fun.

During the Jesus years, I had less trouble getting excited. But it was all about celebrating Christ’s birth, which is the subject of another post.

It’s easier now, with my own house to decorate. What used to be chores (“Christopher- go get the lights out of the basement”) are now outdoor projects that get me away from my family and provide an opportunity to one-up the neighbors. Chevy Chase is a great role model.

It’s also easier with kids around. Their excitement is infectious and adorable.

But there’s also more pressure to be involved and merry. I am responsible for their happiness, for helping to create their childhood memories. Cynical comments about commercialism and Christianity could be pretty scarring.

Thank God for my wife.

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  1. Diana Simmons wrote:

    Do I dare comment? I think you’ve answered your own conundrum on this one. What goes around, comes around. Keep posting! I’m having a blast reading this stuff!

    Posted 30 Dec 2011 at

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