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Incasaurus & Ookoff


Jack invented a dinosaur. It is called Incasaurus. It is the biggest, strongest, longest, tallest, and most powerful dinosaur in the whole wide world.

The Incasaurus is so powerful that it survived the meteor that wiped out all the other dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. Because it has super strong armor.

It lives in Brazil. And China. Jack has seen an Incasaurus in the Wilton Town Forest. He’s shown me the footprints it left in the mud.

Jack also has an imaginary friend. His name is Ookoff. Ookoff is 12 years old. He’s big. He can run faster than Daddy. He doesn’t need to take baths. Ookoff’s dog doesn’t jump on people.

Ookoff’s name has more letters than anyone else’s name in the whole wide world. [I am obviously using the phonetic spelling.] It starts with a Z and includes every letter in the alphabet.

Jack reads 2 stories at bedtime. Ookoff gets to read 3.

Ookoff’s Mom works in a really tall skyscraper, even taller than the one Daddy works in.

Ookoff’s Daddy doesn’t go to work. He stays home all day.

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  1. Acid Burn Face wrote:

    Jack’s preternatural intelligence is a bit creepy.  I love it.  The original story (and book) is something.  MoC.   

    Posted 10 Jan 2012 at
  2. Christopher Herbert wrote:


    Posted 11 Jan 2012 at

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