Herbietown - I Have a Man Crush on Daniel Craig

I Have a Man Crush on Daniel Craig

I finally watched Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last night. Great movie.

I had been expecting all these hot lesbian scenes with Lisbeth, but instead I found myself with a full-on man crush on Daniel Craig. The man is hot. And he has a deliberate way of doing things that is just so tough, so confident, so manly.

And it’s not just shooting guns and fighting bad guys. He makes even the most routine tasks look manly.

When he picks up a box of research files, he doesn’t do it delicately. He doesn’t struggle or sigh unnecessarily. He gets in there and hefts it.

When he makes coffee, he’s not mixing ingredients like a chick baking cupcakes. He pours the hot coffee into a large mug and bangs it on the counter. Hard enough to remind you that he’s a man.

It’s not Mikael Blomkvist he’s doing, either. It’s him. It’s Daniel Craig. He did the same thing in Casino Royale and the other Bond movies. He’s raw, he’s tough, he’s uncut. He’s a man’s man.

I’ve found myself emulating him all day.

I went to a large tag sale in Wilton called Minks to Sinks and I bought a coffee table. This activity would accelerate the mid-life crisis of most suburban men. Not me. Not today. I was attracted to the table, I looked at the price tag, and I decided, on the spot, to buy it. I didn’t wait around for someone to approach me, I hailed a sales clerk like a man, ripped two twenties from my wallet, and bought it.

Boo ya sha kah.

Next I went to the dry cleaner. I held the door for the woman who was walking out. But I didn’t stand there for 10 minutes like a fucking doorman. I politely held the door and then I strode right on in. When the lady at the counter asked for my phone number (to look me up in the system), I didn’t hesitate after the area code. I just tallied off all 10 numbers and let her keep up with me. She did.

I got home. It was lunchtime. I decided to have a beer with lunch. So I reached into the fridge and pulled one out. There was nothing dainty about it. I just grabbed it, cracked it open, and took a large swig. Just like Daniel Craig would. No fucking around.

Because I’m a man.