Herbietown - Live Free and Reconnect??!?!?

Live Free and Reconnect??!?!?

This is how ‘Live Free or Die’ gets translated in Darien, Connecticut.

It makes me want to punch someone in the face. Or key someone’s BMW. Or smash through someone’s driveway gate.

Jesus, New Hampshire, have you really stooped this low? This isn’t some cheerful wordplay you’ve accomplished, it’s sacrilege. It’s heresy. It’s the worst form of selling out that I’ve ever seen.

Will it work?

I can see what you were thinking. Lots of people from Fairfield County like to vacation in New Hampshire, including me. It’s beautiful. It’s a great place to unwind. And people from Fairfield County – especially the ones riding Metro North – have money to spend. That money helps to run your economy. So naturally you want to get more of us to come to you.

But even the working schleps from Fairfield County have some self-respect. Some salt. Some inborn American sense of rebellion. And that’s the part of them they want to wake up when they’re on vacation.

You probably don’t realize this. You think that just because we have soft hands, we would never go for Live Free or Die. But you’re wrong. That’s exactly what we want. You see, we have dreams, too. We have desires, too. If anything, our way of life makes us even more attracted to yours, because it’s everything we gave up to get what we have.

So don’t bastardize your slogan just for us. It’s insulting and it’s depressing. Show us some pictures of guys riding motorcycles with no helmets. Something.

Keep it real, New Hampshire.