Herbietown - The Y is the New Black

The Y is the New Black

I canceled my Equinox membership today. I feel empty inside, but I just wasn’t using the gym enough to justify the expense. Check out these charts.

The first shows my monthly visits to the gym over the past 2 years.

The second shows the average price per workout over this same time period. On average over the whole 2 years, it was $12 per workout, but you can see it’s been steadily rising as my visits have dropped off.

So now I only belong to the good ol’ Wilton Y. It’s got everything I need, but nothing I want. No towel service. Icky steam room. No locations in New York. No spin class, no yoga. No fancy iPhone app that lets me reserve bikes, track my progress and find classes.

Just treadmills, weights, and showers.

Let’s see if I can get rid of this growing spare tire without Equinox.