Herbietown - “Hello, World” – Samuel Ernest Herbert

“Hello, World” – Samuel Ernest Herbert

He came 6 hours before the scheduled C-section.  My wife went into labor around midnight, so we got in the car and ran every traffic light between Wilton and Stamford Hospital.

I pulled the car up at the maternity ward’s front entrance and just left it there with the keys in it.  We rushed inside and went straight to a c-section.  Things moved very fast, and before I had a chance to really consider what was happening, we had a new baby.

I went back to the car 4 hours later and there it was, parked crooked, blocking the loop in front of the maternity ward, unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

Everyone is happy and healthy.

Here are some pics.  More to come later.

Hi, Nice to meet you

Aunt Stephanie and the Boys

Aunt Stephanie and the Boys

That was Hard Work

Jack Snuggling

Mom Snuggling