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Under the Mask

People just starting to get to know me sometimes make crazy assumptions.

For example, most people that meet me assume I’m a Mets fan.  Grew up in the greater NY metro area, like to go against the grain, like underdogs, hate authority.  Boom – Mets fan.

Wrong.  I’m a Yankees fan, though the truth is I don’t really follow sports anymore, not for a while, and definitely not since I canceled cable 2 years ago.

People also assume that I’m some kind of Apple fanboy, because I got an iPad right when it came out and I use it constantly.  I am not an Apple fanboy.  I don’t read up on Apple rumors on the Internet, I don’t follow every product release with wet underwear.  I have never seen Steve Jobs introduce a product on stage.  I’m interested in Apple products, but definitely not obsessed with Apple like some lunatic.

People find out that I live in the suburbs of Connecticut and assume I go to church every Sunday, or at least that I am Christian.  That one cracks me up.  It’s like people that live in the city assume all suburban people are brainwashed miserable drones, that we just have kids, sit in traffic, go to strip malls, and take our kids to church every week.  (Just like I assume they go to happy hours and nightclubs and Strand, the best bookstore ever).  The truth is that I am an atheist.

People that see me walking casually down Park Avenue in my Bonobo’s khakis would never guess that I am listening to Rage Against the Machine on the part that says “FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME, FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME”.

They would never guess that I drive a minivan.  Or that I fervently believe in gay marriage.  Or that I regularly seek professional help.

That’s one reason I love this blog so much.  I can help people realize that, under the mask, things aren’t always what they seem.

Under the Mask

With the mask on, I’m a scary MoFo.

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