Herbietown - Herbietown is Moving to Atlanta

Herbietown is Moving to Atlanta

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, this is a good time to announce a major change.  We are moving to Atlanta.

After 4 amazing years at Bloomberg, I am moving to The Weather Channel.  I’ll be working in the digital group as Vice President of Strategy and Product Operations.  They’ve assembled quite a team and I’m excited to be joining it.  There is enormous potential at The Weather Channel and I look forward to helping unlock it.  As always, you won’t read much more about my work on Herbietown, as I never write about work.

What you will read about is how a Connecticut Yankee adjusts to the dirty South.  Expect fireworks.  Atheists who don’t watch college football probably don’t get very far in polite society.  Will I adapt or be ostracized?  Will I make any friends?  Will my children turn into rednecks?  Will I learn to hunt?  Will I transform into a bible-thumping Republican?

They say that Atlanta is a town of transplants, but I think most of them come from Alabama or Mississippi, not Connecticut.  I will be a fish out of water.  And that makes for the best material.  Which is really why I’m making this move, for you, my loyal readers, to have something interesting to read.

Things might be a little sparse at first, as I adjust to a demanding new job, but I promise to write honestly about the Dirty South.  For example, if I get punched in the face because my car is decorated with a T-Rex devouring a Christian fish, you’ll be the first to know.

My wife’s brother lives in Atlanta, and the rest of her family is only 3 hours away in Knoxville, Tennessee, so Greta is, in a way, returning home.  Hopefully that sexy Southern accent comes back.

If anyone has tips about Atlanta, or knows anyone there I should meet, please get in touch.  We need all the help we can get.

Also, if you’re looking for a beautiful home  in Wilton, Connecticut, I’ve got you covered, for the low, low price of $629,000.