Herbietown - Look What I Discovered on My Running Shoes

Look What I Discovered on My Running Shoes

I’ve been in Atlanta all week, apart from my family.

One of the best moments of the week was Wednesday morning when I pulled out my running gear and got ready to go for a run.  I discovered a lego scotch taped to the laces of my running shoes.  See picture.

My son Charlie loves scotch tape.  He’s always making these elaborate creations using rolls to scotch tape and his crazy imagination.  Then he comes and finds me or Greta and explains his creation.  He blows my mind sometimes.

What did he imagine this little lego piece was going to do for my running shoes?  Was he trying to give me turbo boosters so I’d run faster?  Was it a tracking device so he would always know where I was?  Or maybe it was some sort of weapon to keep me safe?

He brought a big smile to my face, even as I struggled to tear it free.  I’ll have to ask him what he was thinking.

Sometimes I miss my boys so much it hurts.