Herbietown - Cleansing My Filing Cabinets

Cleansing My Filing Cabinets

I just purged hundreds of pieces of paper from my life.  Here they are, pre-combustion in the wood stove.

I burned all of this down

I burned all of this down

I went through my filing cabinets and removed all unnecessary pieces of paper.  Old bank statements, old balance transfer offers, old medical bills.   It felt incredible.

I enjoyed it so much, I obsessed over it, I exulted in it.   Productivity porn.  It was so cleansing and refreshing to get rid of old files and make those overstuffed filing cabinets roomy again.

bedfordfilingcabinetsI still want another filing cabinet, and plan to buy one in Atlanta (see pic at right), so that I can spread the files out even more.  Each folder should have its own sleeve, for example.  But going through and cleaning things out is so therapeutic.

I also started our taxes, finalized our 2013 budget, and made sure every user on our Mac desktop had updated software.

Finally, I went through realtor.com and found every house for sale in the Atlanta metro area and saved my favorites (there were 52) and rated them on a scale of 1 through 5.

I am a nerd.  It’s that simple.

What separates me from normal Connecticut nerds is that I the words that formed my thoughts as I conducted this cleansing.  I didn’t say to myself: “Let’s clean out these filing cabinets.”  I said: “Let’s cleanse this station.”  I called my desk a “station.”  Like a battlestation.  Where I got to do battle.

I cannot wait to move to Atlanta and have a proper office.  I don’t need dark wood-paneling, though it would be nice, I just need a dedicated room which I can outfit for productivity.  A place to wake up at 5 am and go to.  A place for solitude and writing and bill-paying and generally doing the things I enjoy doing when I’m not working and not playing with my children.

I would love a television in there, and it needs a door, and it would be awesome if it had a safe (for passports and other documents).

My current desk in in the corner of the family room, a great spot when you’re hanging with your family but not great for working from home (I use the guest bedrooms upstairs for that).


My workstation.

This was a fun day for this damn Yankee lad.  While my new Southern neighbors enjoyed 70 degree weather by riding in swamp buggies and hunting for game and watching the NFL playoffs, I was cleaning out my filing cabinets (and watching Baby Einstein).