Herbietown - On The Grid

On The Grid

I installed a Personal Weather Station on my back deck yesterday.  It is awesome.

Loyal fans of Herbietown can now read my blog, read about my wedding, buy me presents, AND, AT LONG LAST, check the weather at my house.  Just what you always wanted.

Here’s a shot of the PWS bolted onto my back deck.

Herbietown PWS

And here’s a link to my personal forecast page on Weather Underground.

My kids are so excited.  Jack had dozens of questions about how the station works, how the solar panel converts the sun’s energy into power, and how it measures rainfall.  I essentially punted on all of these questions because I’m an idiot and science class was a long time ago.  But I look forward to learning together with him.

Maybe he’ll change his career path from paleontologist who wants to work at the Museum of Natural History to meteorologist who wants to work for The Weather Channel?