Herbietown - Lotto



I just had a dream that I won the lottery.  $700 million.  I gave $10M each to my family and some of my friends.  Most of them tried to refuse it but my largesse eventually prevailed.

I quit my job, started working on writing a book, and bought a 5BR townhouse in Greenwich Village.

We decided to maintain our home base in Atlanta, but we immediately finished the basement, put in California closets, and installed a home stereo system that ran throughout the house.

I flew in 3 financial advisors – all friends – to pitch me on their services.  I don’t remember the outcome of all that.

The press was all over us.  It was crazy.  They analyzed every word of Herbietown.  “Atheist Wins Lottery!”  Stuff like that.

Then I woke up.

What does it mean?  I know the lotto is a tax on the mathematically challenged and that daydreaming about being rescued by the lottery is a stupid way to go through life, but this was my subconscious telling me what to do.  I had nothing to do with it.

Should I start buying lottery tickets?