Herbietown - Downsides to Exercise

Downsides to Exercise

This just happened.

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I’m running 10 minute miles and I’m chafing like Chris Farley.  It’s embarrassing but I’m addicted to Nike+.  I’m competing for Most Distance Ran against 4 other people.  Every time I run, I add miles to the tally and I watch myself move up the rankings.  It’s incredibly motivating.  I cannot bear to fall behind.


By the way, Jeff, come on man.  3.16 miles is pathetic.

Or maybe he’s easing into it?…

Not me.  I’m as out of shape as I’ve ever been, the result of living on the road for 6 months, eating out, not exercising, and drinking too much beer.   The quintessential skinny fat man with a saggy belly.  I disgust myself.

It’s time to start getting into shape.  Now.  And not just because I can’t fit into my clothes anymore.

I joined a hockey league in Atlanta.  It’s a rec league and the level of play is very similar to the Tripod hockey league at Tuck.  I’ve played in 1 game so far and it was a total disaster.  I was doing 30 second shifts because every time I skated 10 feet down the ice I wound end up huffing and puffing with my hands on my knees.  I thought I was going to die.  When the buzzer sounded, I was so relieved I almost cried.  Then I realized it was just the end of the second period, and I did cry.

Not really, but I felt like it.

That has to change.  Hockey glory is within my reach.  All I need to do is get my ass in shape.  You can’t change what you can’t measure so I’m thinking about buying this bathroom scale.  It’s $99 but it syncs with an iPhone app and lets you do cool shit like track your BMI on a graph.   If you support this purchase, please send an email directly to my wife to explain your rationale and the reason for your support.

Thank you.  That is all.