Herbietown - Free Puppies!

Free Puppies!

It’s no secret that I like pranks.  I always have.  I’m a 13 year old boy at heart.

Luckily, some of my neighbors here in Atlanta are also into pranks.  We have some neighbors right next door who got into an epic prank war with us last year.  It involved a lost dog sign and some fairly large charges at UPS at CVS.

Fast forward 6 months and we’re back at it.

My mom actually came up with this idea.  We were sitting on the back deck brainstorming and my Mom suggested that we put up “Free Puppies” signs around the neighborhood to attract people to their house.

I was instantly on board.

The next day, I went to Home Depot and got some signage.  Then I found some helpers (aged 5 and 6) to help me glue pictures of cute puppies on the posterboard.  We placed 4 signs around the neighborhood: 1 in their yard, 1 up the street a bit, and 2 on the main road.

The boys and I were gleeful when we made the signs.  We literally couldn’t stop laughing while we glued the pictures and placed the signs.  It was so great to be able to share these special moments with my boys.  Here are the results (actual address blacked out):

Here’s us making the signs. ┬áSo happy.

About 10 minutes after we posted the signs, a woman in a Mercedes showed up next door and knocked on the door.  We were crouching in the bushes watching.  So epic.  At first our neighbors were confused, but they soon realized it was a prank and immediately suspected The Herbert’s.

Unfortunately, in all of our glee, we didn’t fully anticipate the consequences of our actions.

We had written the full address of our neighbor’s house on the signs, and posted it on the main road near our house.  So we were basically inviting random strangers to come and visit their house and knock on their door.  Not so cool.

We took down the signs and apologized for the stranger danger, but it was still well worth it.

Can’t wait to see how they respond.