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Career Break

I left CNN near the end of last year, about 8 months ago. I’ve never had more than a week off between jobs and this break has been glorious. I didn’t sell all my possessions and move to Fiji. No, my dramatic escapes have been more targeted, due to my inability to get free from […]

Putting Herbietown Back Out There

Herbietown is back! It’s been 8 years since this thing was active. I used to post here a few times a week from about 2007-2016, but when I joined CNN, I was forced to go dark. CNN has strict rules in place to avoid bias or even the appearance of bias, so even though I’m […]

R.I.P. Dad

My father, Mickey Herbert, died on May 31, 2022. I’m still not quite ready to write about it, but I thought I’d post a few things. Here’s the obituary that appeared in the Connecticut Post. Here’s a story the Post ran a few days later. Some really nice quotes in there from people that knew […]


Brutal. I just had a dream that I won the lottery.  $700 million.  I gave $10M each to my family and some of my friends.  Most of them tried to refuse it but my largesse eventually prevailed. I quit my job, started working on writing a book, and bought a 5BR townhouse in Greenwich Village. […]

5 Things That Won’t Happen To Me When I Get Old

I won’t dye my hair. I won’t be a slave to my children. I won’t turn into a judgmental bigoted asshole. I won’t stop loving my children unconditionally.  I won’t stop enjoying life. UPDATE I also won’t spend all of my time talking about other people’s lives, but instead will just live my own. Ok, […]

Should I Change The Name of Herbietown?

I picked the name Herbietown in the spring of 2007, after passing the reins at The Tuck Profit, a fake news site I created in business school.  I thought Herbietown would be a site for posts and pictures about my kids, for the primary use of my family.  I also liked that the sheer idiocy […]

I Like to Sing in My Car

My car is an extension of my shower.  A place where I can sing without anyone hearing.  Singing while driving is amazing. As I trade my 80 minute Metro-North train ride for a 30 minute Atlanta traffic jam, I need to find new ways to entertain myself, new routines.  One new routine is waking up […]

Cleansing My Filing Cabinets

I just purged hundreds of pieces of paper from my life.  Here they are, pre-combustion in the wood stove. I went through my filing cabinets and removed all unnecessary pieces of paper.  Old bank statements, old balance transfer offers, old medical bills.   It felt incredible. I enjoyed it so much, I obsessed over it, […]

To Be Clear, I’m Letting Him Win