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Free Puppies!

The boys and I were gleeful when we made the signs.

Pirate’s Booty

“I’m hungy for beakfast, Daddy.” “Ok, buddy, what would you like?” “Pirate’s Booty, pease.” “Well, we don’t eat Pirate’s Booty for breakfast. How about some Cheerios?” “No! I’m ONLY hungy for Pirate’s Booty. I will NOT eat ANYthing else!” And so my day begins with a Pirate’s Booty inspired temper tantrum. Not that I blame […]

Infinity & Beyond!

“Daddy how many stars do you have?” Jack asked. “3,” I replied. “I have 9 zillion thousand infinity and beyonds!” Charlie rode his scooter next to Jack’s big wheel.  “And I have ten thousand!”  His eyes opened really wide like I had never heard a number that big. We were racing in circles around the cul-de-sac […]

The South After 10 Days

A lot of people have asked me for my general impression of living in the South so far. After 10 days, I can’t say that I have anything too exciting to report.  People are super nice and welcoming, the traffic isn’t as bad as I feared, and money goes a lot further. But there are […]


We played in the snow yesterday.  I didn’t have the heart to tell the boys that it doesn’t snow in Atlanta.  They are going to be devastated. We only got about an inch, but it’s the perfect amount for a game we played.  The game is simple.  It’s called “Look at these footprints.”  Or maybe […]


We had 2 showings yesterday.  We usually go to Little Pub when we have showings; it’s the best restaurant ever and very kid-friendly.  But yesterday the showings were at 11 and 3, so not the ideal times for Little Pub (it doesn’t open until 11:30).  We went to Orem’s instead and got waffles and grilled […]

Look What I Discovered on My Running Shoes

I’ve been in Atlanta all week, apart from my family. One of the best moments of the week was Wednesday morning when I pulled out my running gear and got ready to go for a run.  I discovered a lego scotch taped to the laces of my running shoes.  See picture. My son Charlie loves […]

“Hello, World” – Samuel Ernest Herbert

He came 6 hours before the scheduled C-section.  My wife went into labor around midnight, so we got in the car and ran every traffic light between Wilton and Stamford Hospital. I pulled the car up at the maternity ward’s front entrance and just left it there with the keys in it.  We rushed inside […]


I took the boys to see some fireworks on the 4th of July, at Laurel Beach in Milford, just down the road from my Mom’s house. They were super excited to see all the colors exploding in the sky. But the noise was a little too much for them. It was loud. They both covered […]

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