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A Bathroom Vignette

You know how you make your kids go to the bathroom before they leave the house? So last night I had a work dinner.  A couple drinks, nothing crazy.  It was one of those nice restaurants where they have servers hovering over your table, filling up your water glass every time you take a sip. […]

I Wish I Could Work With My Hands

The most I ever saw my father build with his hands was a large wooden table.

Second Place in a Beauty Contest

I got schooled in Monopoly last night. (Actually I let my wife beat me, because she’s 39 weeks pregnant and it felt like the right thing to do.) But it was fun.  So many memories came back to me. I played a lot of Monopoly as a kid.  Each new Community Chest card brought a […]

Imagination is on fire

I’ve been having intense anxiety dreams ever since Jack arrived.  I don’t always remember all of them, but the ones I can remember have ranged from standard-issue anxiousness to full-blown nightmare: Chris goes on business trip but forgets to pack pants. Giant man-eating lizard attacks Chris. Chris goes to Vegas with large group of friends […]

Anne Rice is a Christian!!!

I am disgusted. I just finished “The Vampire Lestat” by Anne Rice.  It is the second book in the Vampire Chronicles.  Yes, I know, elite intellectuals scoff at Anne Rice.  People think she writes soft porn fantasy.  People are wrong. The Vampire Chronicles are fascinating psychological journeys.  Imaginative and going straight to the heart of […]

I Realized Today that I’m a Hot Stud

We just got home from the Super Stop & Shop in Stamford. I usually HATE grocery shopping with Greta. This is mostly due to male laziness. But I realized today that part of the reason I abhor grocery shopping is that I have no control over anything that happens. Greta decides what we’re going to […]