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Mountain Road

Mountain Road Take Me Home To a Place I Belong Wilton, Connecticut Take Me Home Mountain Road

What Doesn’t Belong In This Picture?

Man, I’m going to miss this place. We got something like 18 inches, and in some parts it drifted to 3 feet.  Beautiful morning.  The wind is blowing and swirling but it’s not biting cold.  We got absolutely dumped on. The air smells of crackling wood from our wood stove. We’re watching Nemo coverage on […]


We had 2 showings yesterday.  We usually go to Little Pub when we have showings; it’s the best restaurant ever and very kid-friendly.  But yesterday the showings were at 11 and 3, so not the ideal times for Little Pub (it doesn’t open until 11:30).  We went to Orem’s instead and got waffles and grilled […]

Bumps in the Selling Process

Our home has been on the market now for about 30 days. We’ve had dozens of showings and 3 offers. The thing is going to sell – the interest has been insane – but when? I’m not going to write about all the great features of our house. This isn’t a sales pitch. Instead, I’m […]

People From Connecticut

I thought it would be helpful to offer up a primer on People From Connecticut. I’m talking mainly about people from lower Fairfield County, but it’s much more fun to generalize.

Herbietown is Moving to Atlanta

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, this is a good time to announce a major change.  We are moving to Atlanta. After 4 amazing years at Bloomberg, I am moving to The Weather Channel.  I’ll be working in the digital group as Vice President of Strategy and Product Operations.  They’ve assembled quite […]


I am a big believer in having well-stocked stations located throughout the house. Each station serves a distinct purpose and anyone approaching the station is perfectly equipped to perform whatever task that station was designed for. Let me give you some examples. A bathroom. A person approaching a bathroom wants to go #1 or #2. […]

The Y is the New Black

I canceled my Equinox membership today. I feel empty inside, but I just wasn’t using the gym enough to justify the expense. Check out these charts. The first shows my monthly visits to the gym over the past 2 years.

Second Place in a Beauty Contest

I got schooled in Monopoly last night. (Actually I let my wife beat me, because she’s 39 weeks pregnant and it felt like the right thing to do.) But it was fun.  So many memories came back to me. I played a lot of Monopoly as a kid.  Each new Community Chest card brought a […]

Live Free and Reconnect??!?!?

This is how ‘Live Free or Die’ gets translated in Darien, Connecticut. It makes me want to punch someone in the face. Or key someone’s BMW. Or smash through someone’s driveway gate. Jesus, New Hampshire, have you really stooped this low? This isn’t some cheerful wordplay you’ve accomplished, it’s sacrilege. It’s heresy. It’s the worst […]

How The Grinch Stole 6th Place in a 5k

I ran a 5k at Merwin Meadows in Wilton yesterday morning. It was a fundraiser for my kids’ preschool. Before the race, I went around making jokes with the other fathers and mothers about how embarrassing it would be if they beat me, and then showing them my sympathetic pregnant belly. I was hitting a […]

A $2,000 Dog

Someone lost their dog. They went around putting up Lost Dog signs on telephone poles in my town. They are offering a $2,000 reward. Is that really what this world has come to? Here’s the behavior they were expecting had they decided not to offer a reward: “Hey, there’s a dog that looks a lot […]

I Have a Man Crush on Daniel Craig

I finally watched Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last night. Great movie. I had been expecting all these hot lesbian scenes with Lisbeth, but instead I found myself with a full-on man crush on Daniel Craig. The man is hot. And he has a deliberate way of doing things that is just so tough, so […]

Inappropriate Thoughts at Tee Ball

Jack had his first tee ball practice on Saturday. It was 40 degrees out. He wouldn’t take his baseball glove off all morning. He was excited to play baseball.

I didn’t know what to wear.


I laced up my new steel-toe boots and went down to the garage to put on the rest of my new chainsaw safety gear: Kevlar gloves, a hat/faceplate/earphone combo, and Kevlar assless chaps. Yes, you read that correctly. I own assless chaps and they are badass. So I got all geared up and I went […]

Sheep Shearing in Wilton

We went sheep-shearing on Saturday. This post pains me to write, because we love Ambler Farm so much. The town bought it when all the Amblers died and they run some great programs there, organic farming, kids camps, maple syrup workshops. Plus I am the Mayor of Ambler Farm on Foursquare, so I feel a […]

We Have Some News

Dinosaur Sex

I guess the kids have to learn somehow. I was in the middle of a meeting when I received a text from my wife.  It said, simply “Diplodocus Sex” and included this picture. I love getting texts like this during the day.  It reminds me that the important things in life are going to be […]

REVIEW: Breaking Dawn Part 1, The Twilight Saga

I was coming straight from the office, so I met my wife at the movie theater. She was already inside. I handed the cashier my credit card. “I ordered online.” “Just the one?” I tried not to blush. ——————– I knew I was in trouble before the movie even started. The first preview was for […]

Breaking Dawn

I thought it was a phase, brought on by back-to-back births and adjusting to suburban exile. But there’s no end in sight. She owns all 4 paperbacks. [$50] She’s seen all the movies in the theater, multiple times each. [at least $200] She owns the Amazon version of the movies, and the Blu-Rays. [$150] Now […]