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Sometimes I get a little homesick. I’m probably not supposed to admit that.  Schoolgirls get homesick.  But it’s true. When I come home from work at night, I don’t really feel like I’m home. At first I thought it was because I was accustomed to a 90 minute train ride to decompress, and my 20 […]

People From Connecticut

I thought it would be helpful to offer up a primer on People From Connecticut. I’m talking mainly about people from lower Fairfield County, but it’s much more fun to generalize.

Second Place in a Beauty Contest

I got schooled in Monopoly last night. (Actually I let my wife beat me, because she’s 39 weeks pregnant and it felt like the right thing to do.) But it was fun.  So many memories came back to me. I played a lot of Monopoly as a kid.  Each new Community Chest card brought a […]

Dermatology and Thongs

Whenever I see too many commercial practices in a doctor’s office, I get turned off. I’m here so I can get better, not to help you make money. Think teeth-whitening brochures at the dentist. Don’t sell me a cosmetic procedure, just clean my teeth so I can get out of here. I saw a dermatologist […]