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I’m Dreaming About Robert Pattinson

I get about 3 hours of sleep a night. I expect those hours to be blissful. Last night, the entire 3 hours was one extended nightmare. It went like this. My friend BJ rented a house for a weekend-long party, and he didn’t invite me. A lot of my friends were there. Somehow I stumbled […]

REVIEW: Breaking Dawn Part 1, The Twilight Saga

I was coming straight from the office, so I met my wife at the movie theater. She was already inside. I handed the cashier my credit card. “I ordered online.” “Just the one?” I tried not to blush. ——————– I knew I was in trouble before the movie even started. The first preview was for […]

Breaking Dawn

I thought it was a phase, brought on by back-to-back births and adjusting to suburban exile. But there’s no end in sight. She owns all 4 paperbacks. [$50] She’s seen all the movies in the theater, multiple times each. [at least $200] She owns the Amazon version of the movies, and the Blu-Rays. [$150] Now […]