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Mountain Road

Mountain Road Take Me Home To a Place I Belong Wilton, Connecticut Take Me Home Mountain Road

Bumps in the Selling Process

Our home has been on the market now for about 30 days. We’ve had dozens of showings and 3 offers. The thing is going to sell – the interest has been insane – but when? I’m not going to write about all the great features of our house. This isn’t a sales pitch. Instead, I’m […]


I am a big believer in having well-stocked stations located throughout the house. Each station serves a distinct purpose and anyone approaching the station is perfectly equipped to perform whatever task that station was designed for. Let me give you some examples. A bathroom. A person approaching a bathroom wants to go #1 or #2. […]

Live Free and Reconnect??!?!?

This is how ‘Live Free or Die’ gets translated in Darien, Connecticut. It makes me want to punch someone in the face. Or key someone’s BMW. Or smash through someone’s driveway gate. Jesus, New Hampshire, have you really stooped this low? This isn’t some cheerful wordplay you’ve accomplished, it’s sacrilege. It’s heresy. It’s the worst […]

Inappropriate Thoughts at Tee Ball

Jack had his first tee ball practice on Saturday. It was 40 degrees out. He wouldn’t take his baseball glove off all morning. He was excited to play baseball.

I didn’t know what to wear.

Sheep Shearing in Wilton

We went sheep-shearing on Saturday. This post pains me to write, because we love Ambler Farm so much. The town bought it when all the Amblers died and they run some great programs there, organic farming, kids camps, maple syrup workshops. Plus I am the Mayor of Ambler Farm on Foursquare, so I feel a […]